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Dee Lippingwell is a self-taught photographer with forty years worth of experience shooting Rock ‘n’ Roll stars live in concert!
dee_final2012_250From AC/DC to ZZ Top and everyone in between, Dee has felt the action from ‘the pit’ and has captured some of the finest moments in Rock ‘n’ Roll!
“To be a successful photographer you have to be fast and you have to be good at what you do or you won’t be allowed back in the pit,” says Lippingwell.
Recipient of ‘Canada’s Famous Women’ in 1980, she has earned her title of distinction as the first woman in her field to garner a high profile!
She has been published all over the world in various magazines including Rolling Stone and People and received international acclaim for her first book ‘Best Seat in The House’ published in 1987. March 2013 saw the publishing of Lippingwells second book “FIRST THREE SONGS…NO FLASH! where she shares the stories behind the photos. Click here to view and buy Dee’s books.
A true Canadian treasure, the legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll photographer Dee Lippingwell
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