Steffich Fine Art gets an Extreme Makeover

Steffich Fine Art gets an Extreme Makeover

Steffich Fine Art Get's A Make-over (Before)


Since Steffich Fine Art’s inception in 1992 we have undergone multiple makeovers, large and small. A renaming was unveiled at one point (our “maiden name” was Thunderbird Gallery). But the one thing that stuck around all these years was our choice of floor covering: Carpet.

Comfy, quiet, cozy carpet. Or at least it feels that way for the first six months, after which point every embarrassing stain has stuck around for good. So a carpet cleaner is hired, and the carpet is ever so slightly improved, but still far from respectable. After that, all hope of redeeming the dastardly carpet is forever gone.

Steffich Fine Art Get's A Make-over (After)

After! Look at that floor!

This year we decided that it was time for another makeover, and the flooring had become the elephant in the room. Employing our, “Go big or go home” philosophy, we decided that the carpet had to go.

If you ask around the gallery who’s idea it was originally to make
the leap to laminate, you will find it a point of prickly contention. Hint: It was Matt, because he’s the boss.

The laminate laying began on November 28th, by the evening of the 29th it was completed. What a monumental change! It’s clean, gloriously clean. It’s bright, it’s beautiful. All of the artwork, from Anghik to Williamson, now glows on the walls and pedestals.

The “fine” in Steffich Fine Art has been given an even higher polish than before. Drop in and look for yourself!


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