The Best Seat in the House by Dee Lippingwell
First Three Songs no Flash by Dee Lippingwell

Dee Lippingwell has published two books. Her first, in 1987,  titled “Best seat in the House” is a collections of some of Dee’s favorite shots up to that time. Lippingwell had been shooting professionally for almost 15 years at that point. She had the good fortune of shooting artists like the Rolling Stones, the Who, Tina Turner several times. 


Her second book, published in 2013, is titled “First Three Songs, no Flash” It is a reference to the instructions that photographers were give when they went into the “pit” to shoot the show. The book contains the stories behind the photos. It cronicles Lippingwells adventures and often mis-adventures in the world of rock and rock. From Bruce Springsteen to The Rolling Stones, she has met and shot them all. Its 208 pages, 200+ glossy photos, 40 stories.


“All books are hand signed by Dee Lippingwell” 

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